Trying to think about life and how God makes it full

The longest night of the year


i really liked this post from james hawes over at sunday papers.
it resonates strongly with me: being in tune with the natural rhythms of nature and adjusting our lifestyles accordingly.
as we draw to the end of the year, maybe its a time to reconsider how we approach the way we live in relation to the seasons of the year.


December 30, 2006 - Posted by | culture, god, jesus, religion

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  1. It was a joy to switch on my computer today and find out you had symbolically entered a whole new area of cyberspace for the coming year. I must admit I do not have a clue what is meant by the word “cyberspace”, but I adopt the truth from “Alice in Wonderland” of words meaning what we want them to mean, and I use the word “cyberspace” to mean a 21st Century route for possibly achieving an age old Spirituality. I repeat, in case you have forgotten from my previous comments, that I am a fully committed and passionate atheist, and use the word “Spirituality” according to my own definition (and that of millions of other people, not unlike myself)

    I enjoyed very much your 2006 blogspot, especially noting the large gaps in your intended daily diary – reflecting both your own admitted loss of inspiration as well as the dreadful business of our 21st century life, when we get caught up in the prison of feeling we have no time to stop and stare, let alone express our true feelings and thoughts and reflections about our own lives, other peoples lives, the rest of humanity with its complex history and future, as well as reflections on our very delicate planet, the universe …… And “beyond”

    Such a busy life, without any sense of spirituality, is not a life. As human beings we are capable of much more than that. If we cannot sense and experience the “beyond” within ourselves, and in our fellow humans, we are not even half alive. I think that is a fair stab of an attempt at an atheistic definition of spirituality. But it is only a stab – for we cannot define mystery. We can of course opt out of reflection and experience of mystery by giving it special names such as Allah or Jehovah or God, depending on whether we speak Arabic or Hebrew or English. Giving something a name gives us the feeling we are beginning to understand it – but in practise it often means we lose our vital and human sense of mystery.

    However, I am rambling. I did have a spell last year of commenting on your own reflections – at great length! Then like yourself I felt I had nothing fresh or original or honest to say so I stopped writing. So I do not know how long I will continue my comments. I make no apology for their length – the great thing about “cyberspace” is that people are free to read or not. And there is the mystery aspect of it. We never know if anyone at all reads our words, let alone whether our words have found an echo in another person’s soul. And that is how it should be.

    One thing that disappointed me last year was that so few people accepted your gift of allowing them space to express their own true feelings and thoughts and reflections about their own lives, other peoples life, the rest of humanity with its history and uncertain future, our planet, the universe ……… and beyond. Everyone has something to say of value to the rest of us, even if it is only to express total disagreement with someone else’s views. However many people do not feel their views are of value, or perhaps have a fear of being ridiculed and exposed – a sad condemnation of our modern culture which inhibits people from open self expression. I hope this year we will see a wide range of views expressed in your own little bit of cyberspace. This would certainly help develop my own sense of spirituality.

    I have gone on too long – I will express my views on “The Seasons of the Year” in my comment on your next posting.

    LIVE – Feel Connected (sometimes) – Be Joyful (sometimes)

    Lawrence (posted on Thursday, 4 January 2007)

    Comment by Lawrence Woods | January 4, 2007 | Reply

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