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The Valley, Part 1: Mark 9:14-29


As soon as they came down from the mountain where they had experienced a supernatural and deeply powerful time with God, Jesus, Moses, and Elijah, a big crowd having an argument greets the disciples. Their own friends and fellow disciples were among the crowd, and it could be that the Scribes had started the arguments.

What a bummer it must have been for Jesus and the three disciples to experience that scene after the Transfiguration scene they had just been part of on the top of the mountain. Being for a time, separate with God, doesn’t stop the rest of the world from going about its ‘business as usual’.

The scripture passage focuses on a father whose son is possessed by a spirit that constantly injures him. It seems that Jesus’ disciples had tried unsuccessfully to cast the spirit out. So, the father brings the boy to Jesus, who succeeds in casting the spirit out.

It’s interesting to note Jesus’ own feelings of frustration with the situation in verse 19. Immediately after his own mountaintop experience, he is faced with the raw mess, pain, and faithlessness of the people he had come to give his life for. It’s much nicer living on the mountaintop than in the valley. And even the Son of God felt that. There is so much more in this passage that could be looked at, but I think it’s the contrast between mountain and valley that’s important to be mindful of today.


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