Trying to think about life and how God makes it full

The Valley, Part 2: Mark 9:14-29

And even writing these words, I’m aware that in the midst of Retreat there are mountaintop and valley experiences to be lived.

I find a sheer joy simply in ‘being’ here; away on Retreat in a beautiful setting. I simply want to enjoy being here. To look at the sea, listen to music, drink coffee, and eat my special chocolate biscuits. I’m away, I don’t have to work, and it’s good for my soul.

But I’m also aware of the discipline of Retreat, and the active ‘mindfulness’ of applying myself to the scriptures, to the opening of myself to God, to ‘working out my salvation’ as I speak with, and listen to, God – as well as being honest with myself. And in this passage, Jesus seems interested in faith and prayer.

Are they, faith and prayer, the dynamic equivalents of the mountain and the valley? Prayer on the mountain, and faith in the valley?

It’s interesting to me that I think I notice my writing becoming a little distant from me. By that I mean, I think I’m writing for someone else to read. I wonder if it’s noticeable. I do recall my earlier Journal notes had more of my pain expressed in them, which reflected the times I was living through then. Those times are different now, and not as painful. But I don’t want to end up writing in the third person and so lose the expression of my own heart. But perhaps this simply reflects that part of the valley through which I’m walking now.

I do want to be a man of prayer; I really do want to know God; and I do want to be able to deal with the mess and the pain and rawness of human life in ways that bring healing, and hope, and salvation. Lord, hear my prayer….


February 8, 2007 - Posted by | contemplative, culture, god, jesus, religion, wisdom

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