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Still alive!

Yes, I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve just got no interest or inspiration to blog at present. For some of you who have traveled with me over the 18 months that I’ve been blogging, you’ll know that this is no new thing. I’ve kept the blog in the blogosphere, as it may well get resuscitated at some future point.

Thanks to those who continue to look in. In the absence of new posts, and for those who have just discovered this blog, please take the time to wander back over previous posts and (re)read what’s there – you may find something of worth.

In the meantime, I wish you all every blessing.100_6031.jpg


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Famous Faces

On the London Underground the other day, and snapped a picture of a famous couple (I think….)

What do you think? Was it really Pete Doherty and Kate Moss…..??


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Original artist

Check out this site. Click on his name, and take a few minutes to watch what happens. Then take a few more minutes to check out his other stuff by clicking through his site.

I like these kinds of interesting young artists who use their talents in these ways that aren’t afraid to engage with the general public and give of themselves in the process. And the beauty of art is that it finds portholes in our imaginations that help us to see the world in a different way, even for a moment.

Thanks to my son, Josiah, for the tip. He’s now at Dented Records.

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Green Apple love wanted versus sloppy Valentine cards


Last year, Greenpeace started a campaign to try to move Apple toward producing computers in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

(From the Greenpeace e-newsletter) News on the green grapevine reaches us that Steve Jobs met this week with a Social Responsibility Fund Investor to discuss Apple’s environment record. Details remain secret, but the very fact that our main man Steve sat down to a meeting shows that YOUR messages for a greener Apple are getting through.

There’s nothing public yet from Apple so you need to keep up the pressure.

But Dutch Apple Spokesperson Juriaan Bosman may also have been dropping a hint when he said:

“We are sticking to our strategy, but we don’t rule out that at some moment our strategy will synchronise with what Greenpeace wants”
(Bright Magazine, Feb/March 2007)

Will Steve make some minor improvements just to try and keep up with HP and Dell, or amaze us and make Apple the green leader? That all depends on how much desire for a greener Apple YOU spread.
So spread the love!

Love isn’t just for Valentines Day. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it as we present you with our somewhat tardy Valentine’s Day E-Card. Send it to all those Apple Lovers in your address book and spread the love: no matter what day it is.

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In the USA anyway!

Check this site out!

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The 5 Ps of Blogging Protocol

Another great bit of advice here from Andrew Jones, on how to behave in the blogosphere.

It’s worth having a look through the comments too.

Related: 15 Tips for Blogging.

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Virtual culture, virtual community, virtual humans: ergo, virtual God? (updated)

Yesterday, blogscapes left an encouraging message on my post about: 15 tips for blogging. Very kind. I had a look at their blog, and this post of theirs reminded me of the following article I’d written a couple of years ago, and posted here almost a year ago. As I revisited the article, I noticed that the footnotes and hyperlink relating to Tim North’s thesis that includes the reference to Sandia’s Elaine Raybourn no longer work, so here’s the reference: (Tim North, ‘The Internet and UseNet Global Computer Networks, 1994).

Is it possible to have a virtual society with virtual humans who create a virtual culture? Just over ten years ago, a thesis was produced by Tim North, which looked at these issues in the wider context of an anthropological study of the Internet and its users. Underlying his thesis was the primary research question of whether the users of the Internet and Usenet global computer networks form a society that has a distinct culture of its own. After discussing whether it is possible for a society to have more than one culture, North concludes that, ‘It seems reasonable…to assume that the members of a particular society all share the same culture.’ However, he goes on to argue that the nature of the Internet is such that it spans the globe, and that if it were to conform to the classical anthropological understandings of society and culture then its users would need to be from the one society. This obviously cannot be the case, and so he resolves the issue by creating a new term for the Internet’s societal structure, which he calls the pan-societal superstructure. So, a new way of thinking about society is created with the Internet. This pan-societal superstructure frees the Internet from some of the responsibilities of ordinary society such as providing food and shelter for its inhabitants, because its members are also members of societies that already provide those things.

This new way of thinking about society, virtual community and culture, (which sounds like an oxymoron) has nevertheless been taken seriously by the private sector as it engages with globalisation. Continue reading

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15 Tips for Blogging

Great post here from Andrew Jones, aka Tall Skinny Kiwi.

He’s had quite a few requests for help with blogging recently (I was one of them), and this is how he begins his post:

I am receiving a lot of emails over this new year regarding blogging. The 2 most common questions I am asked are regarding
(1) which blogging platform and
(2) Google ranking and what influences it.

Here some thoughts for 2007 directed at those of us committed to the high calling of blogging. 15 of them to be exact.

This is one of the guys who has been blogging almost since it was invented, who has a consistently high Google rating, and who is always humble and articulate enough to provide real advice and help.

So, if you’re someone who wants to develop in the blogosphere, get a cup of coffee and take 15 mins to look at his 15 tips for blogging.

Thanks Andrew!

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